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November 30, 2011


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That's not real is it? Squirrels don't really eat meat, though they will bite your finger for a peanut.


If they are hungry enough, like this squirrel, they will eat meat, birds, snakes...but they prefer their protein from nuts, acorns and the buds of trees.

Yabu (EOTIS)

Damn squirrels will eat anything. They ate the rubber off the tires on my Radio Flyer red wagon. They ate the bird-feeder. they'll eat any and everything. That's why I shoot 'em every chance I get. I kid you not...every year I have a tally sheet on the refrigerator...like painting kills on the fuselage of a fighter plane or bomber. I pop 'em, and have no problem with that. The problem is, you can't get 'em all. They breed twice a year, no matter how many you put down. Hell, in a LOUD thunderstorm (can't shoot shotguns in my neighborhood), I've been known to take a 12 GA. to their nest. I am surrounded by squirrels, but I get as many as I can. A rat with a furry tail is all they are...I kill as many as possible.

I've got a sweet .177 one pump pellet gun with a laser red dot sight. It is accurate, but like I said, I go for the nests with a 12 gauge.

They just keep coming back for more.


Yabu...I have a tote of 43 squirrels in a month from my patio with a Crossman break barrel .177 pellet rifle. A head shot is the goal, but as long as they hit the ground, Zino and Maxx would be on them like white on rice. The tree rat would not survive them.

Squirrels have eaten and destroyed whatever was in their path. I do not tolerate them.

As I have read, in Fort Bend County, there is no closed season on them, nor is there a limit. But a snap of a pellet rifle is as loud as is tolerated here.

Kurt P

We watched one outside the window last summer eat a baby bird. The wife was horrified about the semi-cannibalism of Gaias creatures untill I told her that squirrels were nothing but tree dwelling rats.

Now she says she'll refuse to eat them in an EOTWAWEiT scenario...

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