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January 31, 2007


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I don't see anything wrong with having two black coaches in the Superbowl, hell, most sports are about 80% anyways. Who the fuck cares, we would just like to see a good close game, Cat

That 1 Guy

They're black?

Quality Weenie

Same as baseball a couple years ago when 2 Latino coaches were heading to the World Series for the first time in history.

The media overshadowed the series with that story.


The sports press has always had an inferiority complex, always feeling that they play second fiddle to the political press.

This is simply the sports press trying to sound like the political press.

I guess I'm still a little kid at heart, because I can still understand this sort of childish envy.

BTW, it was worse on Super Sunday. I tuned several NFL pregame programs early, about 6-7 hours before the kickoff, and ALL of them were blathering on about the race of the coaches. ESPN, Fox and CBS all beat this poor horse to death, then kept beating it.

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