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June 27, 2006


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Well done. Best I have read today on A-Man. And I love the comment about writing above his weight. I had thoughts along those lines from time to time. He was an orignal though. And I will miss him although I think he was searching for some kind of peace.


He was very different in person than he was on his blog. It's funny how many people only saw the one side and failed to realize just how complex Rob could be. In spite of the times that he pissed me off, I'm very glad that I met Rob. He'll be missed.


I agree. He was not like his blog at all. But I had been told in advance not to expect an acidic personality, as I was nervous about meeting him. In person he was as it was described to me that he would be... quiet, unassuming, smart and well spoken.

I obviously never spoke to him about exes or wimmin *grin*, but he was a real pleasure to converse with in Austin. I had so much hope for he and his son.

Lisa W.

Great post, I agree with Lewis re: the "writing above his weight" comment. I do have to say that I disagree, however, with:
"Those are from the ones that had met the man. In this internet world a huge misconception is that if someone emails you or leaves a comment and an exchange from that ensues, that there is a connection."

-I'm married to the guy I made a "connection" with 11 years ago; we definitely had a connection long before meeting face to face. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Rob, communication through emails, comments, etc can form a connection. The subsequent depth of that connection and the meaning of it is definitely subjective and may vary between the involved people for sure, but I know it can and does happen.
Do I think I know every facet of the man?
-Absolutely not.
Do I think anyone really does?
-Probably not.
Did I feel a connection with him?
-You're goddamn right I did.


That was perfect, Marcus.

Jim - PRS

On the money, Marcus. In person he was more of a gentleman than I can ever hope to be.


... he was a one-of-a-kind.... and a very gentle man....


Gentle Man and Gentleman are two vastly different concepts.

Rob was when we emailed or in comments a Gentle Man.

Maybe you also found him to be Gentleman.

I never knew that.

"Yeah. Have fun, ya bastid! Just because I'm old, skinny, balding, decrepit, falling apart and... and... what was I gonna say???... oh YEAH--- SENILE, too, doesn't mean that you should pick on me."
is not Gentlemanly but sure as shit it is gentle.


Thanks Marcus.

Nancy F.

Nicely phrased Marcus. I agree, he was nicer than he allowed himself to admit.


Well said Marcus and a nice tribute. But I also have to take exception with the idea that you can't have a connection with someone simply through the internets. That's as far as mine went with Rob but I genuinely feel the loss nonetheless. I can't say that I "knew" him, but our connection was real and was developing into a friendship.

But it's all moot now. All I know is he left too soon and I miss him.


"I was speaking only in generalities about the "connection". But what I say is true, even though it may not apply to your situation. You just may be one of the lucky ones!"
It is a blanket statement,that's all! There is enough information out there in print form psychologists and therapists to verify my comment.
Nothing was said here to impune anyone's "relationship" with anyone else. If you think that, then you've missed the point of what I had to say about someone I met.

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