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April 13, 2006


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Omnibus Driver

And it's a damn good thing, 'cause I'm packing my lampshade...

Jim - PRS

Arresting someone for being drunk in a bar is kinda like arresting someone for pissing in a men's room.


... hot damn...


I wouldn't worry about it anyway. I've heard that these bloggers aren't very loud and obnoxious when they get together. In fact, most of them rarely even drink at all.

El Capitan

(Channeling Ron White here...)

I was NOT drunk in public! I was drunk in a BAR!! They THREW me into PUBLIC!!!

Hehehe. Damn shame about Catfish bailing. More booze for me, I s'pose.


... indeed, Dash... the more I drink, the more quiet I become... just ask anyone...


Yup, another classic example that blogging and commenting means something.


That was the funniest post I've read in a long time!
I don't drink alcohol.

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