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March 17, 2006


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Army of Mom

Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy birthday, as well.

My fondness for the annual event goes deeper than just chugging green beer and having a leg of lamb (although this year there is no meat on St. Patty's Day because it is on a Friday - psst, the whole Lent thing). St. Patrick is the patron saint for both of my boys upon their baptisms. So, I have a great admiration for St. Patrick.

He was an incredibly wonderful person. He was a crazy kid -as many of us are - but he saw where that got him: slavery. He prayed and listened for God and eventually escaped. But, even after all of that, he returned to Ireland to spread his faith.

Remarkable man, he was - said in my best Yoda voice.

But, I digress. Enjoy the day, enjoy some libations and praise God that we live in the USA!

Happy early birthday.


Happy birthday and have a drink. The Billy Goat Irish will be singing today in Savannah Ga.


Dearest Marcus...

One of my first readers...and certainly one of the most loyal, thank you for always being there.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you...
And a wonderful birthday as well (on Saturday).

I offer you *swak* a shared kiss between Irish folk!


Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

I've got corned beef and cabbage in the fridge, waiting to be made.
All I hafta do now is get through cleaning two barns worth of stalls without dropping and cook it when I get home.
(That'd be the cb & c I need to cook, not all the stuff I remove from the stalls...)

Now to go find something green to wear...

And, my ever so mouthy parrot is named Murphy. Does that count?

Hugs on ya,


Happy St Paddy's day and welcome to the AARP age group. Just don't let being 51 effect your fishin'


Birthday boy, indeed. Now that you're 51 you'll find the years go by in like 300 days instead of 365. May your birthday be filled with hot babes in tiny green thongs fishing beside you. Make that in front of you.


Happiest days to you..my big day is Monday, a spring baby through and through.


Hmmm maybe it's the Irish in me that finds men in their 50's so damn sexy. Give me a 50 something Irish man and I'm a happy little leprechaun!
Remind me to give you a big ol' Irish birthday kiss in Austin next month will ya hun?


Happy Birthday and a good St. Pat's to boot!

May the sea lay down as you launch your boat, and may there be just enough cloud so your lure tricks the fish.

I'm raising one to ye, son o' the sod!


Happy St. Patrick's and birthday, Marcus. I'll toast ya' on Saturday at the Willie concert at The Backyard. Looking forward to tippin' one with you next month in Austin, too. Don't forget to bring a couple of smokes.


Many Happy Returns of the Day to you! :)


.. rock on, Marcus... happy birthday!..


Old enough to know better, and too young to resist. That's not so bad.

Happy Birthday Mofo. I'll be doing a shot for you. Hell, make that two for the minutes.


Happy Birthday. A little Irish blessing for the occassion.

When we drink, we get drunk.
When we get drunk, we fall asleep.
When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.
So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!

Jim - PRS

Happy Boitday from da Garden State, Young Fella.


Many happy returns, Chief.


Happy Birthday, ya funk drucker. I hit the five-one next month myself, unless I can manage to piss someone off badly enough to put a stop to it.

If I'da known old age was gonna be like this, I would have been more reckless in my youth.


Happy Birthday! I hope it was a happy one. My dad turned 70 today too. Which reminds me that I'll be 40 in June. Yikes...


Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great one.

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