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February 19, 2006


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Oh You are making me swoon here!



Your words alone could melt them like butter. Forget the dancing.

GREAT photo on the sidebar.


Kris Kristofferson! Oh yea honey....I love his voice.

My poor man isn't much of a "fast song" dancer but every once in a while he'll get out there and shake it....I don't ever make fun of him though because he always looks like he's enjoying himself too much...I just have to stand back and give him some room...and try and save my toes :)

But slow dancing is always nice with him.......


That's the first 'different' rendition of that song I've heard man. I've grown up listenin' to Kris, you know that though probably. I can't say I've slow danced to him much, but I can see where it'd apply. Pretty much anytime you hear Kris come on, you can get primed for a slow dance. If you want' somore more Kristofferson song's for your "collection" give me an email, I'll pass what I have on to you, and you can slow dance all you want.

Thanks for the tune Marcus...

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