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November 30, 2005


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Starte at the picture long enough and I could care less about the ocean


OMG if i was u hun i wouldnt dare show them on tha internet are you not embarrased of the size of them there like lil peas lol


/start calibrated eyeball measurement/

/measurement completed/

Measured accurately by the Rivrdog's calibrated eyeballs, those mammaries are >1 cubic mouthful each.

Therefore, by rule, they are a waste of mammalian resources. Mammaries confiscated.
Person reporting waste of resources to be awarded the mammaries.

Nice beach, though.


I gather from your comment that you suffer from the ailment known in acronym as "MTAMIW."
Be it known that the above mentioned "mammaries" to which you refer is the first problem. Too clinical. Much too sterile. Do not pass go...
Be it known, those are tits, plain and simple...tits. You may refer to them as titties...tiddies...boobs....funbags..puppies...jugs...moosacks...breasticles...chestnuts...hooters...the list goes on and on. But "mammaries"?
Sudder the thought.
And to say that I am in possession of them is in an ownership capacity and not one of being physically attached to them (other than thru oral/titular ways). They're "mine", you cannot have them
BTW...what beach?

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