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December 13, 2004


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Just found you through Sam at The Brier Patch. Good stuff.


well spoken... well written... can actually see you sitting there - perhaps on the patio - being introspective...

if i didn't think this way all year long, i would be placing myself into that category critically termed as "state employee"... i have had (not so young now) former coworkers that when they see me, make the point of telling me that i was one of the best supervisor/manager they ever had...that they learned so much from me... their simple words of kindness make me feel that i have accomplished everything...

keep writing... your views are well thought out and interesting ... go forward young man :)


The was one damn good post. I wish sometimes I could get a funnel and poor all of this into the brains of some people I know in my life. But it wouldn't do any good would it? People have to learn on their own what's important.

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