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August 23, 2004


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It's the only game I can watch and not care who wins...
How long before some puritanical bastard complains that they should be wearing more, though?
Personally, I think the outfits are very--errr--sensible for rolling around in the sand.


Is Misty May hot, or not? And if you say NO, I will always wonder about you.


Of the 4 gals in that Vball match last night, Misty May is the unique one. Her play was different from the others. She seemed short(er) ( I like short!) and she has that shape that makes me wanna put a few yards of Gulf Shores, Alabama white sand in my back yard!

Can you say "caboose?" She's also the "C" mentioned in the post.


Oh, yes... I can say caboose. And I recognize a good one when I see it.

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