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August 27, 2004


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Alex D.

If you think about it, musicians are an extension of literature -- songs are a form of poetry. Like literary work, some things don't fit into the current culture, especially when it comes from a creative mind that isn't following the latest trends. It takes a new perspective to appreciate the art.

Two other artists in particular come to mind:

Tupac was shot to death years ago, and his music is still popular today.

Kurt Cobain, likewise, died a decade ago, but songs are still being released, and people are still listening to him.

Jim Thomas

I had not heard of Marcia Ball, till about 6 mo. ago. I picked up a book titled "State Of The Blues", and there she was with all the blues greats. I went and bought her latest album, and was really surprised at this lady's talent.I can not imagine why I had never heard of her before.


Jim---I believe with the exception of (C)rap, all music is fantastic when you're able to hear it live. Most of the blues artists play in smaller venues also, so you get to see them up close.

She is called "long tall Marcia Ball." She sits cross-legged at her piano with that dangling leg swinging and kicking the whole time she is playing.

One time....she spoke directly to me from the stage.

Da Goddess

I was looking through some files of the pre-Superbowl fireworks show at a friend's house (he handled the music for it) yesterday (the 27th - I'm in California) and we were talking about a variety of things when "The Sky Is Crying" started to play. I sighed and mentioned how much I loved that song and how I had been so very glad to see Stevie in concert not long before his death. At that moment, I realized what day it was and I started to cry. I felt so silly. But then I remembered how much the music moved me, how special that last concert I saw was (even before he died, it was a moment in time that I'll never forget), and how lucky I am to have found another artist who has managed to create those same feelings Stevie evoked.

To this day, I can't EVER turn one of his songs off. I have to listen all the way through.


Stevie Ray, one of the all time greats. Marcia Ball, turned onto her mid to late 90's by a couple from church, they discovered her in Louisiana. Awesome, awesome talent. So far, I like your musical tastes!


Excellent post.
Rob was right about you...

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