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April 01, 2011


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David Schug

That has got to be one of the weirdest fish that I've ever seen. Excellent work catching it. It more than made up for the time that you've spent on missed catches. Great work!

stan cook

ive never seen anything like that before.do you have any other pics

ron riggs

genetic mutation...maybe eating fish from those waters isnt a great idea...did it glow in the dark??

Best Catfish Bait Guy

Now thats one (or should I sat two) heck of a fish!!

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... muskies?.... in Galveston?....

Gary (Outdoor Guy)

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Great post what a catch i would not eat it though!


I caught a lot of muskies but that catch has got to take the cake. I would have it mounted.

Simone Gambler

Surely you didn't eat that! It might be more worth it if you turned it into a trophy catch to hang on your wall. It's a bit of a monster, but then we don't know what other things lurk in the deep.

Vince Delmonte

Reminds me of "Blinky," the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons. Haa!

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