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December 05, 2007


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sweet link, thanks.

we played a homegrown game on our block called warden. everyone hid and the warden rounded up everybody with a flashlight and the magic phrase. course jailbreaks were part of the attraction as well. we played until our parents freaked and demanded we come in.

those were the days. games with purpose, like serving time and breaking out!! no wonder i'm so apathetic today. responsibility is a bore!


Used to play a game called "flashlight tag" up here. It was a good guise for makin' out in the bushes where no one could see you.

I shot myself in the hand one time with a Crossman 760. Got two b-b's stuck in the chamber, and while I held the gun in my right hand, and tapped the end of the barrel with my left to try to jar one of the magnetically conjoined twins out of the barrel.

Didn't work like I thought it would. I went into the house hollerin', "I got shot with a b-b"... Next thing I know, here comes my great aunt Mabel 'round the corner with some peroxide asking me how many bees there were... She thought I got stung by a bee.

Anyway, the ol' country doc, played gunsmoke with me, took the b-b out from the other side of my hand, dropped it into a pan, being sure that it made that "ding" sound, and let me take it home with me. 5 stitches and a puncture would, all from tryin' to strike a match with a b-b from 'crossed the road. No lie. Glad as shit, to this day, I didn't look down the barrel.


.... dude, I've got one here that was a gift from a friend of mine a few years ago.... manufactured in 1966, it still shoots just fine..... my cats hate it...


Yep, got a Daisy Red Ryder and the lecture when I was seven and of course I got in trouble with it..most kids dfo..that's why you start them off with a BB gun and kick their butts when they misuse it..

Still keep a Red Ryder around..keeps the cats out of the garden without killin' them..

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